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Hamilton County
The Finance Department performs the Auditor's statutory duties as Chief Fiscal Officer of the County and consists of four divisions: Accounting and Financial Reporting, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Budget and Settlement.
The Accounting and Financial Reporting Division maintains the general ledger, prepares and files required financial reports with the State of Ohio and prepares monthly reports for various County departments.
The Accounts Payable Division is responsible for the timely payment of all non-payroll obligations of the County. Over 300,000 payments to vendors are processed through Accounts Payable annually.
The Payroll Division is responsible for the bi-weekly processing of payroll and benefits for the County's approximately 4,800 employees. The Auditor has contracted with Paycor for payroll calculation, check preparation, W-2 preparation and tax filing. This Division also is responsible for accounting for the County's Section 125 (Flex Benefits) and COBRA Plans.
The Budget and Settlement Division assists in preparation of the general tax list of the County, calculates the voted and unvoted tax rates for the County and the 49 political subdivisions thereof, and, once such taxes are collected by and settled with the County Treasurer, distributes the tax receipts to the appropriate political subdivisions and agencies within the County. This Division also provides the technical staff to the County Budget Commission, for which the Auditor is statutory Secretary.