2024 Meeting Schedule


2024 Monthly/Special Meeting Agenda

Regular monthly meetings are held at 11:00AM
138 E. Court Street, Rm 304
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 946-4210

Jill A. Schiller
Hamilton County Treasurer

Jill Schiller, Hamilton County Treasurer

Jessica Miranda
Hamilton County Auditor

Hamilton County Auditor

Melissa A. Powers
Hamilton County Prosecutor
Vice President

Melissa A. Powers, Hamilton County Prosector

Budget Commission Duties
Per ORC 5705.27, the Hamilton County Budget Commission consists of the county auditor, the county treasurer, and the prosecuting attorney. It is the responsibility of the Commission to annually review the tax budgets of the political subdivisions within the county. This includes the county, townships, municipalities, and special districts. The county auditor prepares tax revenue estimates for all levies. These estimates are then presented to the Budget Commission. The Commission verifies that all tax levies are properly authorized and allocated to local governments. The Commission approves the Official and Amended Certificates of the local governments, as well as the distribution of the Local Government Fund.

2023 Amended Certificates Archive