Transfer & Conveyance Fee Calculator
Transfer and Conveyance Fees are expected at the time the documents are presented for transfer. Fees are accepted by cash or check only. Checks should be made payable to the Hamilton County Auditor. Please do not include payment to other offices in Hamilton County (ie. recording fees, engineer fees) in the check to the Auditor.

Checks presented to the Auditor must be accurate. The office is not able to provide change for checks written for more than the amount due. The office is unable to keep excess funds. Customers personally may add money to a check amount either in cash or an additional check if the original check provided is for an amount lower than the amount due. The Auditor will not accept blank checks to be left and filled in by Auditor staff.

Please use the Transfer & Conveyance Fee Calculator below to calculate the fees prior to bringing the documents in for transfer.
The Hamilton County Transfer & Conveyance Fees are as follows:
Conveyance & Permissive Fee: $3.00 per thousand dollars of the sale price
Transfer Fee: $.50 per parcel described on the deed
Transfer & Conveyance Fee Calculator
Reasons for Exemption
Transfer & Conveyance Fee checks should be made payable to:
Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes