July 7, 2010
FROM: Dusty Rhodes, Hamilton County Auditor (513-946-4050)
     The total annual loss to Hamilton County taxing entities from Duke Energy’s tax appeal has now been estimated at $22,650,039.34 by County Auditor Dusty Rhodes.

     Duke has appealed their assessed value under Ohio’s Public Utilities Personal Property Tax. Although Duke paid the full amount assessed in the first half of 2010 they only paid on their opinion of value in the second half. That resulted in a reduction of revenue to local cities, villages, townships and schools of approximately $11,325,000 for the second half this year.

     Rhodes released data showing the full year impact if the appeal is successful on individual communities and school districts as well as special districts and county levies.

     The appeal will be heard by the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Duke Appeal Schools Final
Duke Appeal Cities / Villages/ Townships / Special Districts Final
Duke Appeal County & Summary Final